Baby Bottle Campaign

Care Net’s Baby Bottle Campaign:

an opportunity for people in your church to put pocket change or extra cash to work helping Care Net provide abortion alternatives to women and their families.  It is an important fundraiser for Care Net and everyone loves how easy it is.          

How It Works: 

  1. Care Net provides the number of bottles you request for your church or organization. We recommend one per family. 
  1. We will deliver the bottles to the Care Net Center closest to you, or another location for you to pick up. 
  1. Distribute the bottles at church on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday or another Sunday that fits your church schedule. You explain the Baby Bottle Campaign and give a Care Net update, encouraging each family to take a bottle on the way out of church. 
  1. At home put the Baby Bottle in a popular place (dresser, desk or kitchen counter) as a reminder to drop pocket change, extra cash, or a check payable to Care Net in the bottle as an offering to help us continue to provide abortion alternative services. 
  1. Collect the bottles on the first Sunday in March, or six weeks after your church begins the campaign. It is best to make an announcement two Sundays before the campaign ends to remind people to return their bottles. 
  1. Bring the filled bottles to the Care Net Center nearest you (please call ahead) or contact the Administrative Office to arrange pick up. Some churches host youth events to count the money in advance, but we are more than happy to count it and provide a receipt for your church. 

Thank you so much for participating in the campaign. Your contributions will help save a child and her parents from abortion! 

Change in a Baby Bottle