Change for Life

Care Net Frederick’s Change for Life (CFL) :

Also known as our Baby Bottle Campaign, this is an opportunity for churches, organizations and individuals to put pocket change or extra cash to work helping Care Net Frederick educate, equip and empower women and men to make abundant life choices. It is our 2nd largest fundraiser. It is a great activity for kids to get involved with either individually, as a family, or through their Sunday School classes or youth group. Baby bottles can be filled with coins, cash or checks. Everyone loves how easy it is! Our main campaign runs Mother’s Day to Father’s Day but you can pick whatever time of the year that fits best into your schedule.                

How It Works:  

    1. Care Net Frederick provides the number of bottles requested for your church or organization. We recommend one bottle per family.

    2. The baby bottles can be picked up at the Center, or we can deliver them to your church or organization.

    1. You announce and explain to your group what the CFL program is and encourage each family, youth group, or Sunday School class to take a baby bottle on the way out of church. Distribute the bottles on your start date and ask everyone to return them to you as they are filled, or by your end date.
    1. It is best to make an announcement two weeks before the campaign ends to remind people to return their bottles.
    1. Collect the baby bottles on the scheduled day and return to the Center for us to count. Within a few weeks of returning the bottles, we will contact you with the total.
    1. Helpful hint: at home, put the baby bottle in a popular place (dresser, desk, or kitchen counter) as a reminder to drop pocket change, extra cash, or a check payable to Care Net Frederick in the bottle. Your donation helps us to provide all of our services for FREE!

    If you have any questions, please contact Dena at 301.662.5300 x 229 or email at

    Change in a Baby Bottle